Although design is a huge part of advertising the copy itself is equally important. Good design and good written copy is like winning the lottery for marketing. You not only have a visually appealing piece you also have to have great written copy that motivates potential customers to come to your business. However you can have good design with bad writing and vise versa, which can lead readers down a confused path. Worse than that you could have wasted money and time on having both bad writing and design.

For some writing is a piece of cake and for others it is a terrible hole opening up to the gates of hell. If you are the latter of the two don’t fret, there are many ways your marketing doesn’t have to suffer. Here are 3 tips to improve your writing for advertising:

Think About it From the Reader’s Perspective:

One thing I ask myself whenever I am reading a magazine or watching a commercial is “What’s in it for me?” You probably ask yourself the same question when you are reading a marketing piece in the mail or a sales person is trying to get you to buy something. As consumers we want to know what we will gain from a buying transaction and whether or not it will make our lives easier in some way. Think about writing your marketing copy from that perspective. Ask yourself what the consumer wants to hear and their benefits to buying your products or services.

Encourage Your Reader to Take Action:

In our culture today people are able to recognize when they are being sold to and so the blatant call to action of all capital letters screaming at you; “BUY OUR PRODUCT NOW!!! HURY OR YOU WILL MISS YOUR CHANCE!!!” is not what the consumer likes to see anymore. However the call to action message needs to be there. You need to encourage your reader to take action and entice them to do so. “Contact us today and receive a free sample of our product!” or “Get exclusive access to our online workshops for free this month only!” Think of ways to encourage your readers to take action but try not to be forceful in your approach.

Marketing is Glanced at, Not Read:

Writing copy for advertisement is completely different than writing a novel. A novel is long and takes time to read but marketing copy needs to be simple and straight to the point. The average person receives well over 2,000 advertising messages per day. We are constantly getting hit with marketing messages on a daily basis and this is leading to an overload of information, to combat this issue we tend to paraphrase and skim over marketing copy to save time. To keep the attention of your reader always edit your writing as much as you possibly can and take out the useless information you don’t need. Marketing is glanced at but rarely read all the way through, think about adding simple straight to the point headlines that will grab the attention of your audience. When it comes to writing for marketing pieces less is always more.